A downloadable game for Windows

This is a gamejam game developed during the IndieSchoolTrip 2019. It is a bit of broken. Use 'K' key to swap players.

Short intro

In a world ravaged by vehicular warfare, not like mad max, it is your duty to survive and drive to the end. Who will become the next Cardysseus.

4 players per game in a free-for-all Cardyssey. You'll need 4 controllers for Cardyssey.

How to play

1 player will start as the driver and the other players must force the driver out by any means necessary.

PLACE OBSTACLES ('A' button on the Gamepad) On the road, yell insults in their face, be a friendly troll and make the driver crash and burn.

The driver will aim to drive to a goal and as they approach the goal their controller will RUMBLE to signal them that they are going the right way.

Through their indomitable wills and abundant skills they will drive past all obstacles and outlast their opponents to achieve the ultimate victory

Once a driver has reached their goal, the game is over and score is counted. Score is earned by total distance driven towards the goal.


Left Thumbstick - Steering (as driver) | Aim (as passenger)
Right Trigger - Accelerate (as driver)
Left Trigger - Breaking (as driver)
A Button - Place obstacle (as passenger)


Hei Man Chan | Additional Game Design & Sound List (didn't made it into the game) Sebastian Frey | Programming
Sebastian Krause | Programming & Modelling
Tim Sugaipov | Programming
Jayant Uppal | Additional Game Design


Cardysseus-Win64.zip 24 MB

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