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Hey! Connie here. My neighbors seem not to like my new flower garden.

Help Connie to befriend her neighbors by bringing them flowers. Three must be fine.

Watch out not to get blasted, but maybe you can use them to your advantage against the other neighbors?


- Click/Hold to move (You move faster the longer you hold)
- Click grown flowers to get a present
- Click mailboxes to give present to the neighbor

- Esc/Backspace/Return -> Pause (or button top left)


Solo project by 'Sebastian Krause' for the  Unreal Engine Winter Gamejam 2019.


hatiTA_ConniesFlowergarden-win64.zip 47 MB

Install instructions

1. Download zip.
2. Unpack
3. Run WJ19.exe in the directory "hatiTA_ConniesFlowergarden"

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